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How are the Tryouts structured?
RIP-IT ELITE Team Tryouts are open to all players of each particular age group. Roster positions are not guaranteed for all tryout participants. “Returning” players’ spots are secured from the previous season barring any incident that would warrant a departure. To reserve their place on the team you must pay your deposit by January 2017. New tryout players will be offered spots as non-returning players.

Do I have to tryout for my specific age group?
RIP-IT Lacrosse firmly believes in placing players at their appropriate skill and size levels. We think that players should grow and develop their game against the highest level of competition in their particular age group and skill level. Players do not benefit if they are not as physically developed or mentally mature as their peers so we take these factors into account when placing players. My goal is to challenge the players within their skill level.  You will have to rely on our judgment to place every player on the appropriate team. 

Who directs the tryout sessions?
Coach Corcoran will run the Team Tryouts. Also in attendance is many of the teams coaching staff, and additional personnel that help run Drills and serve as Evaluators.

How are players selected?

Player selections are based on a host of variables that include:
• Stick work: catching, throwing, ground balls, stick protection
• On-ball Performance: 1v1 dodging and defense, open-field ball handling
• Off-ball Performance: Offensive cuts, picks, drifts, spacing; Defensive slides, hedges, rotations, baiting, pass deflections/interceptions
• Lacrosse IQ: anticipating plays, understanding teammates’ strengths/weaknesses, instincts
• Athleticism: speed, strength, quickness, size
• Overall Play

• Stick work: outlets, decision-making
• Ball-stopping: technique, footwork, hand speed
• Communication: slides, transition, ball position
• Lacrosse IQ: anticipating plays, understanding teammates’ strengths/weaknesses, instincts
• Athleticism/Upside: speed, strength, quickness, size
• Overall Play


For multiple day tryouts, do I have to attend each session?

RIP-IT Lacrosse believes that players cannot be fairly evaluated in one hour, we recommend attending 2 tryouts, or over the course of a (7 week) indoor clinic session.  We do understand that family, school and in-season sports conflicts may arise. Players in this situation should notify us and we would do our best to offer you an option.  These cases will be taken on a case-to-case basis

Are roster positions guaranteed for returning players?

Yes, roster positions are guaranteed season-to-season unless they are asked to leave based on a behavioral issue.  With players leaving and new players trying out, we cannot guarantee that you be on the same level team with all the same players from the year before.  We do ask players to inform us if they will definitely not be returning, so we can offer the open spot to others.


How are the coaches selected?

All coaches are personally interviewed by Coach Corcoran. Each coach’s references and qualifications are cross-checked and verified with former teammates and coaches. All of our Head Coaches have playing and coaching experience. A good team starts with the Coach Corcoran, he takes pride in finding great coaches who are a good fit to a specific age group. Assistant coach are usually past RIP-IT players who have gone on to play in college. We have many coaches that return yearly.


How many coaches does one team work with?

We assign each team its own Head and Assistant Coaches that do not change throughout the course of the season. During Training Camp, Practices, and Training Session, there is some “cross-over” training where coaches from various teams work and practice together.


Is the coach's philosophy different for each team or coach?

As a program, we believe in skill development first.  All coaches are trained in the RIP-IT WAY!!  We provided coaches with practice drills, pre-game routines, and in-game strategies that will develop the skills and mental understanding of each player. We strive to make sure each coach is well prepared to coach the players at the highest level and ultimately create a great teaching environment as well as a great team.


Who are the 2017 Elite Summer Coaches?

• Dan Corcoran - Rip-It Director/Asst. Coach Connecticut College

• Bill Els - Assistant Coach RPI

• Ken McCarthy - Somers High School Head Coach

• Tyler Corcoran Asst. Coach Loomis Chaffee/ Connecticut College

• Dave Giordano- Head Coach Ellington HS


Assistants: Robert Engleke- (ESPN) Princeton,  AJ Rocco Yale, Austin Rocco Yale,  Ben Levin Dickinson, Zack Levin Dickinson, Brandon Law Babson College. Ray McCarthy Springfield College. Connor Samulson Springfield, Tom Walsh Connecticut College, Kevin Frank Connecticut Collage



How many practices are there?

During the season, teams practice 1-2 times per week based on the Tournament schedule. Practices begin early June and end late July.


What is Camp?

Camp consists of intense lacrosse training sessions at the start of the season with many of the rides, clears, man-up man down and game situations practiced. Players learn the various strategies their teams will execute in the upcoming Tournaments.

Do I have to come to all the practices?

We strongly recommend attend the Camp and early season Practices. We understand it is summer and family vacations cannot always be moved, or players attend other camps. Players who do not come to Camp and Practices fall behind with the various schemes and make it difficult for coaches to have everyone “on the same page".  Please communicate with Coach Corcoran about your missed practices and tournaments.


How are the tournaments chosen?

We carefully select each tournament so that every player and team will be challenged to perform at the highest levels, best suited for their development as individuals and teams.

• At the Youth level, tournaments are also chosen based on their geography, competitiveness, and logistical organization. We want the events to be convenient and fun for the whole family and believe these factors play a role in the overall experience.

• At the High School level, we attend tournaments that provide exposure to college coaches or prepare the players for these major events. For Underclassmen, we believe that players need to continue improving their skills. For these teams, we combine exposure events with other opportunities for skill development. For all Upperclassmen, we understand their desires to play at the next level. With that in mind, we choose our events to maximize exposure that fit our teams’ respective profiles.


Does everyone play the same amount in all games?

All tournaments are run differently. Some tournaments are running time, some have no halftime, sometimes you’re always on defense, some game your always on offense. We believe development at the Youth level is paramount and coaches are instructed to provide playing opportunities for all players. While it is impossible to achieve complete equality, our system requires that the coaches give each player ample time while also trying to win the game. There are many variable that accrues in one game. We instruct our staff to do their best for equal playing time per-game, and if not balance it out though the tournament.

The High School teams are coached in a slightly different manner in that each player will participate in every tournament and game. High School teams benefit by advancing in the Tournaments so they play in the “more important” games that are more visible to college coaches.


We want to win and will instruct our coaches to act in this manner but not at the expense of the development of each player. Playing time may vary slightly from player to player as individual positions are more situational and competitive at this level. A player may fit more as a situational player, such as a wing play or defensive midfield. These positions may not garner as much playing time as another; however, they are just as vital in winning the game.


How do we get there?

All travel to and from tournaments is the responsibility of the players and families. All of these costs are excluded from the player tuition and are the responsibility of the individual to pay.


Where do we stay?

If an overnight is needed, we will reserve a block of hotel rooms for each “travel” event, which is the financial responsibility of the families. In Tournaments where overnight player accommodations are provided for the players in dorms, parents will be provided with a local hotel option.  As soon as we are informed of the arrangement or hotel options, we will provide a communication to all parents.


Do I have to buy RIP-IT Helmet in order to play?

No. Each player will receive a collegiate level quality reversible, shorts, performance shirt and socks. Many players do purchase helmets and we offer them at a discounted price.


What off-field benefits do I get while playing for RIP-IT Summer Teams?

We work with players in recommending recruiting camps, offer other RIP-IT programs and have recently partnered with lacrosserecruits.com to offer film and profile to college recruiters. 

Players and parents also have access to the Recruiting portion of our website, which provides a comprehensive guide to the recruiting process. Our Staff also actively participates in this process by providing guidance and advice regarding schools, coaches, programs, etc.


Do all the teams compete at the same tournaments and skill levels?

No, we place each team at the level where they will be able to compete effectively and best develop individual skills and team performance.


Do all teams practice together?

Yes, we schedule all teams Youth and High School to practice at the same time and location.