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Current 5th - 12th graders - Classes of 2019 - 2025

We will field teams from grades 5-12th  

TRYOUT @ Sportsworld Date  June 10th

If you experience any issues with the registration  contact Sue Houle  suehoule@sbcglobal.net 

or team questions contact at dcorc@comcast.net.




Classes of 2019 - 2021 teams $1395

Varsity 2019/2021

8 midweek/weekend practices or scrimmages
Uniforms of custom shorts, shooting shirts, and reversible’s

Roger Williams Rody 100/ YALE/ Bitter @ Stowe, VT


ELITE Varsity 2018/2019
8 midweek/weekend practices or scrimmages
Uniforms of custom shorts, shooting shirts, and reversible’s

Roger Williams Rody 100 / BONEYARD / Bitter @ Stowe, VT 

RIP-IT ELITE TRAVEL TEAMS for graduating classes of 2019 - 2024
The RIP-IT Elite teams present a unique opportunity for highly skilled players to take their game to the next level.  These teams comprise the best players in Northern Connecticut and Southern Massachusetts. Selecting the best players allows us to have the most competitive practices, which prepares players to be successful at the tournaments and camps we attend.

Players and Staff are continuously subject to change. RIP-IT reserves- the right to switch players from one team to another at ANY TIME. We try to keep our teams and coaches as consistent as possible in a given season. However, just as players benefit from consistency, players also benefit from flexibility, and learning how to adjust to different playing and coaching situations. 

How many players are selected?

The Rip-It organization does not set a number of players for each year of graduation. Every summer is different depending on the number of individuals trying out in each class and the skill set of the players. Players are selected based on their skill level and athletic ability.  We try our best to provide each player with as fair a tryout as possible and feel through our tryout session, we provide a variety of skill stations, small sided scrimmages, and full field game opportunities to accurately evaluate each player.

We encourage players to participate in our official tryout date(s), as it will provide our staff with more of an opportunity to see each player's abilities vs other players trying out. We understand some players are unable to attend the tryouts so we will offer those players the opportunity to attend one our clinics to evaluate them and to fill any open roster spots.

All current players are required to tryout each year. Teams will not always be grade based.  As a program we will move players up or down if we feel that player will benefit. The competition changes every year and we encourage all players continuously strive to improve.