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“When we realized our son had the ability to play lacrosse at the college level we were unprepared for the recruiting process. Even if your son plays on a travel team or participates in camps

and is being seen by some college coaches, it is generally not enough to ensure he will get offered a slot with the right program. Becoming involved with Ted Garber simplified the process for us. Not only did our son get offered an athletic scholarship to a prominent Division I program, his assistance in the process proved cost effective and exceeded our expectations”

— The Soto Family, (GA)


“I have played lacrosse with Teddy Garber as teammates on the field, I have competed against him and I have coached with him. In my 50 years of being involved with the sport, I can honestly say that Teddy is all that is great about the game of lacrosse. His knowledge of the fundamentals and strategy of the sport are only surpassed by his core principals of sportsmanship and integrity that is a Garber tradition passed

down by his Dad, Dick Garber. Teddy’s goals of putting together a winning game plan are secondary for his love and passion of his teams ability to grow as individuals. His ability to teach, lead and develop them into not only better players, but into responsible young men is Teddy’s best asset. You and your son could not be in better hands with Coach Garber successfully guiding your family to their next level of an exciting lacrosse journey.”

— Vinny LoBello: Division 1 Player / Division 1 Official / Varsity Coach


Will just got his acceptance letter from Colby.

It's official - he is in.

I just wanted to thank you for the time and effort you put in to help Will over the years.  Your coaching and guidance in the recruiting process put Will on the right path.  Colby and Coach Thompson seem like a great fit for Will.

Both Kate and I couldn't be happier. 





Hi Dan,



      Well Brendan committed to Sacred Heart and he is very happy.  He went for the visit again and spent time with the team,had lunch and spoke to all the coaches. He gave his commitment and they are very happy to have him.  I can't tell you how thankful we are that he had the privilege of being coached by you.  We appreciate everything that you did for Brendan. Your a good man who always puts the kids first. Thank You for being there.  I expect Brendan to give back some of his time this summer to the league.  If you have a team of younger kids who need some work He will be more than happy to help.    Thanks,
                                                                 Melon & Rick

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that Sam just received his acceptance letter from Skidmore and got a nice call from Coach Sandler welcoming him to the team.  You were a tremendous resource for Sam and me during this last year with respect to the college recruiting process and we both (Julie too) appreciate very much the time you spent, the advice you provided, and the calls that you made.  It looks so far like the D3 ranks will be well-represented and that is in large part thanks to your coaching and guidance over the years.  Again, many thanks, we hope all is well with you, Duncan

Dear Coach Corcoran,
We just wanted to thank you for the email that you sent to Joey. We just want you to know what a impact that you have had on our boys. Johnny has always talked so highly of you. And being the little brother (Joey) has always looked up to you too. So with that being said you have made Joeys summer. So we wanted to personally thank you for giving our kids the enthusiasm to practice and play lacrosse. It is coaches like you that make the kids keep coming back with the love of the game. The Rip-It Program has been the best things for our kids and we can't say enough good about the program. They have learned so much and made great friendships.
We just registered Joey and wanted to let you know .(We are going to sign him up for the camp as well. He is very excited about the whole process,)Looking forward to a 2nd summer with Rip-It!!
                                                        Thank You So Much!!
                                                      Jodie and John 
                                                       (Joey and Johnny  too)