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Mid-week small group positional skill work  FOR THE ADVANCED PLAYERS $150

limited to 12 players per group, 4 weeks, Tuesday, starting October 3rd

5;30-630 @ Sportsworld, East Windsor

1. Deigned to break down and enhance player footwork, dodging, and shooting.

2. Increase shot speed and enhance accuracy.

3. Become a better, faster, and more efficient dodger.

4. Learn game IQ by running drills that call for recognition and reaction.

Led by Brett Garber (UMASS/MLL) & Bill Els (Wesleyan University) 


RIP-IT has built the reputation for being the best instructional programs in New England. We provide an outstanding curriculum, top notch coaches from local high schools and college programs. 
Our training sessions will focus on teaching the skills, concepts and game situations that will give you the confidence to make quality decisions on the field and ULTIMATELY prepare you to play at the next level.  ALL under the direction of professional coaches.