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RIP-IT offers a Referral discount to players who submit information on their friends and teammates who are also interested in joining one of our summer teams or attending our camp. You forward on RIP-IT info to interest families, with my contact info. When they register, we will credit  you account $100 per Camper or In addition… We will discount the new player $50 off camp fee or player fee.


How it works: You reach out to team members or ANY one for your town families about our RIP-IT. Have them email us (CC you) and RIP-IT will reach out,  provides further details, and evaluate him for placement.


If we feel the family and player fits our program, we'll offer them a team spot, an alternate spot or Camp option.  Either way, recieve a $100 Credit to your  account. We have NO CAP!! Get 10 go to camp or be selected for our team, you receive $1000 credit. We will also pass on a $50 camp, or gear discount to NEW players. Sound good… if they return the following year, you Still participate receiving an additional $50 for 1 year returning players.

If you have any question  dcorc@comcast.net